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With chicken and vegetables, soba spaghetti

Would you enjoy dining on ethnic and oriental food in your home? Enjoy us setting up this wonderful Japanese classic!

by Alma Bartram

Soba spaghetti is a traditional Japanese dish.

Would you enjoy dining on ethnic and oriental food in your home? Enjoy us setting up this wonderful Japanese classic! Unquestionably one of the oldest known recipes, Soba noodles with chicken and veggies is possibly the most traditional dish in Japanese cuisine. We added a new touch to a meal that you may have already had the opportunity to taste in one of the numerous Japanese restaurants around Italy by sprinkling everything with toasted sesame seeds.

Soba is a type of buckwheat pasta that often comes in the form of spaghetti or tagliolini. Soba is served both cold and warm with broth, along with a few other potential flavors and usually veggies (Kake soba).

The soba custom

One of the most popular foods in Japan is soba, which can be found at restaurants, train stations, and special eateries where you may quickly consume it while standing up (much as in a fast-food restaurant). It is obvious that the traditional chopsticks are used to eat it in the homeland.

When choosing, Westerners must first approach the thing and then become engrossed in its ingredients. Soba made from buckwheat and wheat may be found at stores. When buckwheat represents a significant portion of the combination, the product has a higher and healthier quality. Therefore, consider the components that are essential for soba paste and consider the optimal ratios.

Food and health benefits of soba spaghetti

Unquestionably, soba noodles with chicken and veggies make for a filling and healthy starter that is inspired by Japanese cuisine. These strange soba noodles are full of nutritional benefits, including carbs and B vitamins. noodles have lipids and proteins since they are a natural source of nutrients that are vital to your body. These ingredients in soba are crucial for the organism’s smooth development at the level of its muscles and organs. Soba may also aid in controlling hormone and body temperature levels concurrently. The vital proteins in this great meal include lysine, phenylalanine, leucine, arginine, valine, and cysteine. The variations show how healthy (in addition to delicious) Japanese food can be. Actually, Asian cuisine typically strikes a wonderful balance between flavor and nutrition.

A culinary heritage that also intrigues us for this reason, rather than influencing our culinary inventiveness.

The recipe with chicken and veggies is exactly as follows: Food for four people:

250 grams of soba noodles

White chicken flesh weighing 400 grams

2 cucumbers

two carrots.

1 leek

Soy sauce, 5 teaspoons

Sesame seeds, roasted, in two teaspoons

Sesame oil, two tablespoons.


Clean the carrots and courgettes. Julienne strips are shrunk. Remove the leek-reducing strips.

Clean the white chicken flesh, then cut it into strips. Place the beef strips in the soy sauce and marinate for about twenty minutes. Drain the chicken after marinating, but save the marinade liquid. Toast the sesame seeds in the pan with a drizzle of oil, then add the chicken strips and veggies and quickly sauté everything over a high temperature.

Soba noodles should be cooked in many pots of lightly salted water. After cooking the spaghetti for five to ten minutes, add water to the pan and wait for it to boil once more. When ready, add two tablespoons soy sauce and pour these into the skillet along with the veggies. Serve by adorning with more seeds of the same type.

Celiac disease and gluten sensitivity warning

Take into account the ingredients you use for the preparation when using recipes with coeliacs and gluten-conscious people. Consider the barred ear, the Association of European Coeliac Societies’ (AOECS) existence, or maybe the warnings on the manufacturer’s label.




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