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What is The Best Sequence of Hot Yoga Poses Beginners Should Follow To Muscle Flexibility?

by Alma Bartram
Hot Yoga Poses For Beginners

Hot yoga is gaining significant popularity in most countries due to its numerous benefits to traditional yoga. The main goal of practicing yoga poses is to help yourself with muscle flexibility, relieve tension, and feel relaxed. Undoubtedly, all these benefits can be achieved through traditional yoga, but hot yoga brings more benefits.

Hot yoga uses most of the traditional yoga poses. However, with some specific poses in the heated environment, you enhance your muscle flexibility to the maximum. Specifically, when starting, going with the tough-to-do regular yoga poses in the hot rooms can be challenging. Therefore, following a sequence of yoga poses to create flexibility in your muscles to jump to the next level is important.

This guide will teach you 8 hot yoga poses for beginners.

What is The Best Sequence of Hot Yoga Beginners Should Follow?

Numerous regular poses can tried in the heated temperatures to help you get the most out of yoga. Some people find the hot room challenging while not knowing it can drastically enhance their yoga experience. Furthermore, if you don’t feel confident enough about the poses, yoga instructors are always friendly to help you along the way.

Here are 8 hot yoga poses beginners should take advantage of.

1. Child’s Pose

This pose is the most known in the yoga world. It has countless benefits and can be done by anyone with no prior experience of yoga. It helps stretch the spine and hips and relieves stress to calm the mind. The child’s pose in hot yoga offers more flexibility and allows you to easily stretch thoroughly.

You can start this lying on the floor by bending your knees and your hips resting on your heels. Rest your head on the floor and lay your arms next to your head. Let your body relieve the tension and relax by breathing deeply. You can stay in the pose as long as you feel necessary.

2. Downward Facing Dog

This pose promotes the stretching of calves, ankles, and hamstrings. The pose puts your body pressure on your arms and shoulders and enhances their strength. While this exercise requires flexibility to maintain the posture, doing this in hot rooms grants you the flexibility to gain benefits from this pose.

To do this, you need to maintain an inverted “V” shape of your body. You can start with the help of your hands on the floor and your wrists aligned with your shoulder. Then, keep your legs straight and your knees under your hips. To ensure you do this the right way, you can find instructors to help you, available in hot yoga classes in Dubai. Under expert supervision, you maintain the right posture to gain significant benefits.

3. Tree Pose

This pose increases your stability and maintains balance as you stand straight on one leg like a branch of a tree. This strengthens your legs by bending your other leg to help you stretch your inner thighs and hips. However, standing on one leg requires focus and constant concentration, which can be achieved in the humidity of a hot room.

You can do this by standing on your legs and slowly putting all your body weight on the right leg. Then, lift your left leg and bring the sole closer to your inner thigh. Press your sole into the high and let your thigh resist the pressure. Take a few breaths and then do the other side, following the same steps.

4. Corpse pose

This is a passive pose that beginners can easily learn. This pose is usually done to end a yoga session as it includes no rapid movements of muscles. Practicing this in a heated room will allow you to let go of any tension by keeping your mind focused on breathing. This also improves the quality of sleep and helps restore energy.

You can do this by lying on the floor or matt. Your body relax by keeping your legs slightly apart from each other. Let your feet rest, and make your toes point toward the sides of your body. Let your arms rest on the sides by slightly stretching them and putting them in a comfortable and palms facing the sky.

5. Cobra Pose

This is an extremely beneficial pose that helps you stretch your abs, chest, and hips. Furthermore, doing this in heated rooms provides you with spine flexibility support to achieve the perfect posture for maximum benefits. However, if you can’t maintain the stretch in this pose, consider enrolling yourself in hot yoga classes in Dubai, where you are led by professional instructors who help you stretch better.

You can do this on the floor by lying on your belly and keeping your hands under your shoulders. Put all your body weight on your shoulders and arms, then with your hand palms, help your belly to maintain a curved posture.

How Can You Do These Poses More Effectively?

Under the supervision of professional staff and instructors, you get the best out of your yoga poses. Try hot yoga to help your body stretch more effectively with improved focus and concentration. Book your entry today and experience the other side of yoga.

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