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Tips for Finding Job With Professional LinkedIn Profile for Job Seekers

Tips for Finding Job With LinkedIn Profile

by Alma Bartram
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LinkedIn is one of the most commonly used social media networking sites allowing its registered members to share their professional and personal interests with others with the same likes and dislikes. It came into being in 2002 as a professional networking site but developed into a social media website by 2006. It has a bundle of features to offer its clients, like a LinkedIn profile, messaging, and easy organization of events based on your professional affiliation and work experience.

LinkedIn is one of the best ways to find a suitable job. You can conveniently find your next Boss on LinkedIn, or your boss can easily find you if your resume looks professional and promising. The members of LinkedIn are the lucky people who can find jobs easily, find employers, and recruiters looking for a workforce for various businesses.

LinkedIn is ideal for everybody to find people with common professional interests. It helps you get in touch with people in the same profession who in future can help you find a good job that has cope of progress. To stay connected with people with the same interests it is vital to keep your LinkedIn profile updated so that potential employers can see your skills and reach out to you. You should share your skills, work experience, and expertise so that the employer finds you easily.

Ways to Increase the Chances of Receiving an Interview Invitation on LinkedIn

LinkedIn covers more than 200 countries and has 500 million members. The first step to attracting your potential employers is to stay active on LinkedIn, engage in all the active discussions and share all relevant content.  After joining LinkedIn you should try to make new connections and strengthen the old ones. You should connect with the people who belong to the same profession as yours. When you connect to the people with same profession they prove helpful when you need to switch to better jobs. The most effective way to get recognition on LinkedIn is to stay active and participate in group discussions.

Some Tips to Help You Get Better Results On LinkedIn

Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

It would help if you kept your profile updated to keep up-to-date with the jobs of your interest. It should be relevant to the jobs of your interest. This would help if you used the keywords that suit the jobs you seek. Highlight your achievements regularly. If you find it hard to do it, you can hire the best LinkedIn profile writing service in Dubai and get it done at affordable rates.

Build Your Network

Connect with people in your industry, past and present colleagues, and other professionals who can help you with your job search. Engage with their posts and share relevant content to build relationships.

Search and Apply for Jobs

You can conveniently search LinkedIn for jobs matching your professional skills and interests. You can enable job notifications to receive alerts whenever a job matches your skills. Hundreds of companies use LinkedIn to hire employees for all departments. It would help if you worked more to reach out to the recruiters and show interest in working for a company that offers attractive job packages. You should ensure that the resume you send looks professional and is tailored according to the needs of the company offering the post.

Leverage LinkedIn Groups

When you join most LinkedIn groups related to your field of interest, you stay in touch with people who belong to the same profession and grow your network effectively due to your constant visibility on LinkedIn. You should engage in discussions with your fellow LinkedIn members.

Share Your Work

You should display your skills and experience using LinkedIn, including your presentations, the articles you have written in the past, and the important projects you have completed successfully. By sharing your skills, you boost your chances of getting hired.

Keeping Active

There are countless ways to stay active on social media websites like LinkedIn and other platforms. The more you interact with your friends and post updates, news about your field of profession, and other interesting stuff.

  1. Network

When you plan to send messages to people with a common interest you should carefully compose a message to tell the other LinkedIn members about the reason for sending them text. If you honestly tell them that you want to join groups with a common field of the profession there will be many people willing to welcome you. When you find a person who leads a group of professionals that belong to your field you should follow that person to know more and more people from your field of interest.

  1. Your LinkedIn Profile Will Tell Your Story

Always make sure your LinkedIn profile answers these basic questions:

Your professional abilities and your field of specialization should be mentioned in your resume. Your resume writer should be skilled enough to mention the expertise that sets you apart from the crowd. It would help if you highlighted your expertise in your LinkedIn profile. It would help if you did complete research about your targeted audience

When designing your resume, you should always remember that the person who will read your resume will either be a recruiter or your potential employer. What do these people especially want to see in a candidate – certain business or technical skills, experience, or qualities? After you know your keywords, incorporate them into your title, summary, experience, skills, and wherever they make sense on your resume. But avoid overdoing it.

  1. Think of LinkedIn as a Search Engine

LinkedIn resembles a search engine where people can search for people with the same professions and areas of interest. It is a platform where people in business find other business owners and job seekers can search for suitable jobs. On the other hand, business owners can search for professionals for their companies. In short, LinkedIn is a platform that provides jobs to the jobless and workforce to businesses.

  1. Add Meaningful Cover Photos and Professional Profile Pictures

The cover photo is the first thing on your page, so you want to make an impression with it. Use the correct dimensions for your cover photo. The official size is 1584 x 396p, but most of the size will be cropped on smaller devices like your phone. If you use 1000 X 140p, you should be on the safe Use an image that reflects your personality – it could be your office, a quote you like, a banner with your achievements, or even your contact details. Never have a LinkedIn profile without a professional profile picture. Make sure to choose a professional photo with a nice neutral background. Finally, according to LinkedIn, you should aim for your face to cover about 60% of the image when cropping.

  1. Keep Your Headlines Meaningful and Engaging

Your headline is the most visible information to recruiters and hiring managers. So instead of writing down your current job title and company, mention the type of job you’re looking for. Also, mention what you bring along with the keywords employers are searching for. Your LinkedIn title should communicate who you are and what you’re doing in a short, clear, and concise manner.

  1. Create an Outstanding Summary

Your LinkedIn summary is the first thing a recruiter reads after your headline, so getting it right is important. The summary or “About” is where you can share your story. Introduce yourself:

Highlight your key skills, experiences, and achievements in paragraph or bulleted form. Please talk about your interests and finally call your readers to action by asking them to contact you about job opportunities or do whatever you currently want to get from your LinkedIn profile.

  1. Check If Your Profile is Complete

LinkedIn’s algorithm rewards users with complete profiles, and you’re more likely to appear in search results with a complete profile. LinkedIn assigns different strengths to profiles based on how complete they are, and there’s a “huge benefit” to achieving the highest strength, “All-Star.”

  1. Claim Your Custom URL – FREE

When you first create your LinkedIn profile, you’ll get an auto-generated URL – a rather messy URL with a string of random numbers. A cleaner, more professional, name-only URL is much easier to find, read, and share. Make sure your URL is easy to remember and share (because you should share it a lot)

  1. Join Relevant Groups And Contribute Regularly

LinkedIn has a great section – LinkedIn Groups; you can join groups on LinkedIn in various fields and interests. These groups will differ based on privacy, inclusivity, and other parameters, but they all work to bring the experts together. Getting the most out of these groups means adding/exchanging unique content in relevant news, posts, articles, or referrals. These groups are very effective in honing your skills and demonstrating your expertise. Contributing to ongoing conversations in industry-relevant groups will help you learn more about your colleagues and competitors, build your expertise, and position yourself as a passionate expert.

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