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The Magic of Moonstone: Mystical Jewelry for the Modern Woman

by Alma Bartram
Moonstone Jewelry


When you talk about a gorgeous and unique gemstone, does moonstone come to your mind? It has fascinated people for a long time because of its opaque tint, which reflects light and emits a spooky glow. Moonstone jewelry is not only stunningly beautiful, but it also has a lot of therapeutic and healing qualities. This is the reason why people are so drawn to moonstone jewelry, such as moonstone pendants, moonstone bracelets, moonstone earrings, moonstone necklaces, and moonstone rings. The qualities, importance, and possible health advantages of moonstone crystals are just a few of the intriguing topics covered in this blog.

What Is a Moonstone, Exactly?

The feldspar crystal known as moonstone has an opalescent and pearly schiller and includes sodium potassium aluminum silicate. If you look carefully at your moonstone jewelry, you will see that it has an opalescent sheen, which is referred to as opalescence. Moonstones are considered to have represented the tranquil lunar energies throughout history. This stone comes in a wide range of hues, such as peach, yellowish green, grey, and even blue.

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The price of moonstone jewelry is influenced by quality factors, including clarity and color saturation. However, because many jewelers sell moonstone knockoffs, it’s crucial to buy from a trustworthy vendor or to confirm the jewelry’s authenticity. In order to tell if your moonstone jewelry is genuine or not, look for characteristics like chatoyancy (the appearance of thin lines or waves on the moonstone’s surface when light reflects off of it at various angles) and adularescence (a milky white, bluish glow that appears on some varieties of moonstone; this effect is only visible after you rotate the moonstone under a light source).

Moonstone’s Interesting History

Moonstone got its name because, when held up to the light, it looks like a little, lighted moon. This is one of the precious gems that has been treasured throughout time. For many years, travelers have worn it as an amulet for nighttime safety and success in love affairs. The feldspar roots of this gemstone may be found in a number of igneous rocks, including granite.

Custom-made moonstone jewelry has become more and more well-liked; it comes in a variety of designs, from small pendants to intricately carved rings. Moonstones may now be found in a wide range of locations across the world. Such as Armenia, Australia, Brazil, certain parts of Europe, India, Madagascar, Mexico, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, and the United States.

Meaning of Moonstone, Along With its Metaphysical and Healing Properties

The power of the moon is represented by the Moonstone, which is a symbol of the moon’s power. Due to its likeness to lunar cycles, it is associated with inner peace, intuition, balance, and protection. The therapeutic benefits of moonstone jewelry are well-documented. It is believed to reduce stress and anxiety. Moonstone jewelry may also be beneficial for treating physical ailments, including menstrual cramps and heart palpitations. And Moonstone jewelry signifies feminine energy and is advantageous for individuals having issues conceiving. And becoming pregnant because of its relationship to the moon.

Moonstone jewelry also has a connection to white light, which helps to purge negativity and bring harmony back to the wearer’s nature. Moonstone jewelry also improves the person’s emotional stability and mental clarity. It is believed that moonstone would open the heart and throat chakras since it often has a rainbow sheen. Because of this, the energies of moonstone jewelry offer you access to your intuition, give you the confidence to speak your truths. And empower you with forces of unshakable love.

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The moonstone is a rare and coveted gemstone. In order to produce jewelry with a characteristic iridescent rainbow shine, lapidaries often cut them into cabochons. They are linked to the Virgo zodiac sign and make stunning birthstone jewelry as June’s birthstone. Consider ordering moonstone jewelry from Rananjay Exports if you desire to do so.

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