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Ten Essential Tips for Winter Skin Care

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Winter Skin Care

Tips for maintaining your skin during winter are essential for those who want to get through the tough, cold weather with their skin in good shape. We all love walking around in the cold winter air, it’s at a an expense in terms of damaged skin.


The cold atmospheric conditions with its low humidity and water can cause the skin to become dry , flaky. The exposure to cold air, in conjunction with heating indoors, drains your skin the moisture and results in it becoming more dryand itchy..


Follow these steps to keep your skin protected in the cold winter winter season:

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1. Moisturize

The cold weather depletes our skin. This is why moisturizing often is crucial to keeping your skin moisturized and soft. Instead of creams, cream-based or petroleum-based ones are ideal for dry or normal skin. It’s recommended for you to put the moisturizer on skin that’s slightly damp because it encapsulates the moisture on the surface. Even those who have oily skin must apply the light, unscented moisturizer.


2. Avoid using soaps.

Abrasive soaps contain chemicals that can irritate the skin and cause dryness. For keeping the dryness at low levels, soaps that contain mild, non-scented ingredients must be utilized. Additionally, non-soap cleanser can be used to wash skin. Cleaning the hands, face and feet every day is enough, since excessive washing destroys the moisture barrier in the skin.


3. Limit the time spent in hot water.

If you are suffering from the winter itching,’ it’s recommended to stay clear of excessively hot or hot-water. In lieu, cool water is ideal for washing and showering.


4. Make use of an humidifier

Dry air draws moisture away from the skin, and it is further aggravated by heating in the indoors. The room humidifiers are thus beneficial to the skin in winter months. They’re devices which add moisture to air and keep dry skin because of indoor heating.


5. Guard your skin from sun damage

The winter months may bring darker days, however solar radiation’s rayon is still able to penetrate clouds to cause harm on the skin. So it is recommended that you should apply a sunscreenwith an SPF at least 15 must be put on before going outside. The exposure to UV radiation can cause damaged skin and cancer risk and photoaging.


6. Make sure your skin is protected from cold winter air

If you’re out outside, you must protect your face, as well as the lips from frigid atmosphere by covering them or applying a good moisturizer. Skin protectors made from petroleum or ceramides work in protecting against drying.


7. Layer with care

In winter, skin irritation is more frequent. It is best to cover with soft fabrics on top of the skin — for the example of silk or cotton–and avoid harsh materials such as wool. Wool can be put over these fabrics to provide warmth. To wash, it’s recommended to use detergents that are labelled hypoallergenic and.


8. Protect your lips

As with the skin, lips require protection from harsh elements. In winter, choose the right moisturizer or lip balm with SPF 30 or greater to soften your lips and keep their dryness and cracking. One option is an oil-based lip balm.


9. Do not stay too close to the heat

While snuggling close to the heater is the most popular way to warm up during a cold winter day it’s the most effective method of drying out the skin. If you suffer from dried skin this can exacerbate the condition , and can create dry patches. It’s recommended, therefore, to limit time at the stove and cover on warm clothes instead.


10. See your dermatologist

Skin care issues like acne and scaling, eczema and psoriasis as well as skin swelling, and rashes could become more severe during winter. Tips for winter skin care will only aid your skin to some degree. If you have persistent skin issues you should to seek out the assistance of an experienced dermatologist.

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