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Teeth Whitening in Noida at Floss Dental Clinic

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Teeth Whitening in Noida

Whitening your teeth can help you look younger and gain more self-confidence, but to ensure the treatment lasts you must take proper care in taking care of your teeth during and after its application.

Floss Dental in Noida is renowned for providing oral treatments such as teeth whitening, gum surgery and root canal. Their team of specialists work tirelessly to ensure you experience only optimal results from any procedures performed here.

For teeth whitening in Noida, opt for Floss Dental Clinic. 

Why choose FLOSS Dental for Teeth Whitening in Noida?

Floss Dental Clinic in Noida is renowned for providing quality dental services designed to enhance the appearance of smiles. Their dentists are highly qualified, using modern techniques in treating patients. Furthermore, emergency care and teeth whitening services are provided, making this an affordable and efficient solution for any dental concern.

No matter your smile concerns or desires to make it more aesthetically pleasing, Floss Dental Clinic in Noida extension has an effective smile designing treatment available that can dramatically alter its appearance. This cosmetic dentistry procedure includes composite bonding and dental veneers; and can often be completed in just one visit! This procedure will significantly boost its appeal!

Root canal treatment may be necessary if your tooth has been cracked or chipped, as the procedure involves extracting infected pulp while maintaining the natural structure of the tooth. At Floss Dental Clinic we provide root canal services at a competitive price; their experts will help ease any discomfort quickly.

It’s Safe

Teeth whitening is an easy, fast and non-invasive cosmetic procedure with immediate results. Proven safe & effective by clinical studies to have no long-term negative or harmful side effects on enamel or dentine of teeth, it removes any surface-level stains as well as those inside cracks, caps or fillings – these intrinsic stains.

Professional bleaching takes place at our dentist office, unlike at-home whitening trays; this allows for more consistent application of peroxide whitening gel for maximum effect and shade chart checks to gauge exactly how many shades lighter your teeth are after bleaching.

Age and genetics play a huge role in how dark or yellow your teeth appear naturally, but diet and lifestyle habits also have a significant effect. That is why we recommend consuming a healthy diet, brushing regularly, flossing frequently and scheduling professional cleaning appointments every six months in order to preserve a white smile!

It’s Effective

Teeth bleaching works by dissolving stains in the enamel of your teeth using a bleaching gel applied directly to them by your dentist. The gel may be applied in short cycles of 15-30 minutes while they monitor and adjust it; typically your teeth will become whiter within an hour! This procedure is safe and fast compared to self-whitening methods like over-the-counter trays available over-the-counter whitening kits.

Whitening can cause side effects that include tooth sensitivity and mild gum irritation in early stages. These side effects typically subside within one to three days of discontinuing or finishing treatment.

Professional tooth whitening can make an immediate and noticeable improvement to your smile. While its effects will fade with food and drink consumption and ageing, minor touch-up sessions conducted either at home or here in our office can keep it looking its best for years. In order to preserve its youthfulness it’s also essential that a conscientious oral care routine be maintained while limiting stain-causing beverages and foods from your diet.

It’s Fast

Teeth whitening is an efficient and quick way to lighten stains on your teeth, typically taking only 45 minutes! But it is important to remember that teeth whitening isn’t a permanent solution; so be vigilant in maintaining excellent oral hygiene practices after receiving your treatment.

Teeth discolouration can be caused by both intrinsic (internal) and extrinsic factors. Intrinsic staining happens when enamel erosion or damage exposes dentine beneath, typically as a result of coffee, tea, cola consumption, smoking or medications such as Fluorosis and Tetracycline use. Extrinsic stains appear on the surface of teeth or between cracks in caps/fillings/cracks in teeth which can be addressed with scaling/polishing at your dentist office.

FLOSS Dental is an affordable teeth whitening facility offering a range of cosmetic dentistry services. Visit our website to gain more insight into these offerings, then call to make an appointment – we look forward to helping you achieve the smile of your dreams!

It’s Affordable

Teeth whitening is one of the most widely practiced cosmetic dental procedures, providing your teeth with a brighter appearance and increasing confidence when smiling. But, it’s important to note that teeth whitening won’t treat all stains or discoloration caused by antibiotics, small cracks in teeth or tooth injuries, fillings, crowns or caps;

One way to enhance your smile with veneers is through veneers – wafer-thin shells made specifically to fit the shape of your teeth, made either from porcelain or resin composite and attached directly onto the fronts of them to change color, shape, size or length of your teeth. They offer less expensive alternatives to crowns but don’t last as long.

Floss Dental Care is a multispeciality dental clinic offering cosmetic dentistry services. Their experienced, well-trained doctors use cutting edge technologies to craft attractive, healthy smiles at competitive prices while adhering to international standards of cleanliness, sterilization, and cross infection control.

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