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Snowpiercer Movie Review


by Alma Bartram

Bong Joon-ho’s first attempt at making a film was in English. “Snowpiercer” is the film in question. A great movie based on a French comic book adapted for the screen by Bong and Kelly Masterson. “Snowpiercer” is still the most expensive Korean film ever made with a budget of nearly $40 million. The risk was certainly worth it, as the film was a critical and financial hit. Continue reading Snowpiercer Movie Review to learn more about the film.


“Snowpiercer” is different in several ways. The production is based on a French comic with a crazy plot that Bong thought would make a great crazy movie. Overall the train is a bad idea, but that’s what makes the story so interesting. This raises one question after another. Who, How, Why and What? Most of your questions are answered in the movie, and those answers are quite satisfying. Overall, it does a great job of creating a world that feels interesting and real. Even though the idea is very strange, most of the themes are deep, serious, and sad. The audience should feel sad, disappointed, and angry about how these people live and how unfair their lives are. It does what it wants to do, and the whole thing feels sad, which makes it easy to connect with the characters. But there are some funny parts in the repelisplus film which almost make it a black comedy. Surprisingly, the comedy parts work well and are used in such a way that they do not take away from how the audience should feel throughout the film. Instead, they give the audience a break from the sad story.


From an acting point of view, a huge plus is the diverse and interesting cast of the project. Chris Evans is always good as Curtis Everett, the tough leader of the rebels, but he really comes to the fore at the end of the film. Song Kang-ho was well used by them. He added some humor and lightness, and was there when the dramatic parts required it. His role as security specialist Namgong Min-su, who is addicted to drugs, is one of the most interesting and memorable. “Snowpiercer”‘s supporting cast makes it even better, starring Tilda Swinton, Jamie Bell, and Octavia Spencer. Swinton plays spendthrift minister Mason and brings a real person to life in the film. His energy, dedication to the role, and clear desire to do something different works perfectly, giving his character his own uniqueness. As a mother who sets out on her own to find her child, Octavia Spencer also brings her A-game, and her performance is very strong. Last but not least, Jamie Bell is an extraordinary figure as Everett’s right-hand man. He brings the necessary humor and entertainment to the film.


Although the general themes are catchy, that doesn’t make them any less amazing. It is clear where this stands on class systems, and even though the idea is rarely used, it is a clear warning against global warming. The story is well-written and has many different layers, which makes it very easy to find the larger messages in the show. For example, the fact that North Korea often uses religion and propaganda together is an easy way to talk about faith or propaganda.

Final Word

Bong Joon-ho’s recent success in the mainstream worldwide may have given the film a second chance for fans around the world to discover it and enjoy its creative story. But “Snowpiercer” deserves praise in its own right. It’s great with effective ideas, thrilling action, and top-notch acting. A film that needs no praise as it is good enough in itself.

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