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How a Nurse Call System Improves Patient/Elderly Safety? What Are Basics Of It?

by Alma Bartram
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It is a well-known fact that an eldercare or a senior living facility, can demand immediate and emergent medical needs, and the patients would need to be catered for then and there itself. This is why nurse call systems are very important for these centers, hospitals, and even homes where the elders reside under supervision.

Let us start from first things first, what are nurse call systems? Nurse call systems prove to be more helpful and effective than just providing patient safety. For a better understanding, let us look into how exactly these function and assist the elderly healthcare facilities, and hospitals. 

What are the Basics of Nurse Call Systems

The basic function of a nurse call technology is simply to provide the patients with an easy way to contact a member of the medical team and let them know of the emergency. It is not a compulsion that the patient would be in an ambulatory state. Thus these systems come in handy at all times.  And are the need of the hour at hospitals and facility centers. It is not rocket science to understand. That the nurse call systems act as a lifeline between patients and nursing staff. 

Not all nurse call systems are design to serve you with the same features. It depends on the number of features, and suppliers you choose to get it from. Below are a few benefits that would be seen in a nurse call system. 

  • Alternate breath calls: Some patients suffer from high-degree paralysis or have problems with speaking. For them it is very challenging to operate a phone device. They can inhale in a special tube to call for assistance. 
  • Pillow Speaker: These are present right beside the patient’s bed, thus the name. They allow the patient to call for assistance as well as allow them to control the overhead lights, adjust their TV, etc.
  • Wall Stations: Usually nurse call systems come with a wall station. Which has a microphone and speaker that the patient can use to summon the nurse. Some installations may also have a Code Blue button that can be press in for real emergencies. These installations may be connect to ventilators, IV drips, or other life support equipment. They can be programmed and connected to alarm mats for the elderly that can automatically call the nurse when any of these systems go into alarm. 
  • Desk Console: This very equipment is found on the nurse station, and it usually looks like a normal telephone. This specific device is for the nursing team to take calls from the patient rooms. 
  • Code Blue Signals: The Code Blue facility is to alarm and let all the members of the medical staff know that there is someone who needs immediate care. These signals can be connect to the nursing stations, in the patient rooms. And even in the common areas of the facility or hospital.

Nurse Call Systems Make a Difference

Nurse call systems act as superman for medical emergencies. It would not be an exaggeration to say that these save lives. We can also not deny the fact that had they not been a handy tool. The patients would have been able to call for immediate help. Not only do these help the medical staff, but they also provide a sense of surety to the family members of the patient. These were a few advantages of having a nurse call system instal in your home, healthcare facility, or hospital.

This was a short explanation of why nurse call systems are useful and how they improve patient safety, and we at Mat On Guard take pride in supplying them to you. You can learn more about our products and services for elders who need special care. If you have someone who needs extra care, and supervision at home, or you run a healthcare facility or a hospital majorly dedicated to elderly patients, you should check out our range of products today. We have just the products that would make both your and your beloved elders’ life stress-free. Install nurse call mats, and connect them to a wireless speaker or your phone that would notify you when your loved ones are in danger so that you can rush to them and give quick assistance before something big happens. 

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Moreover, nurse call systems are the advanced and new ways that help to improve patient and elderly care. Also, it helps to get extra safety to those patients who are not well stages. Or not at a stage to call anyone for their help. However by using the nurse call systems the patient can call the nurse just by pressing them. After pressing them the alert sound will be send by the alarms so that the nurse can hear it and come for the patient and elderly’s help.


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