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3 Main Parts of an Essay: An Easy Guide to a Solid Structure

by Alma Bartram
What Are The 3 Basic Parts Of Essay?

An essay is a content that is specially written as an argument, an honest opinion, or valuable information about a specific topic. In some parts of the world essay writing is a significant part of the academic life of a student while in other parts lie Europe and USA it is not an emphasized practice in schools.  The day a student enrolls with a college he becomes aware of the academic burden he will have to bear that includes assignment writing and essay writing tasks. The students feel overwhelmed when they are asked to write as they are not mentally prepared for it.

Before we go deeply into the parts of an essay and how to write it we should know the reason behind writing an essay and what role essays play in a student’s life.

Essay writing serves various important purposes.  The most important reasons for writing essays are:-

Expression and Communication:

Essays are mostly written to express innovative and creative ideas, perceptions and thoughts, and opinions in a well-structured logical, and easily understandable way. It allows individuals to communicate effectively, presenting their arguments and viewpoints clearly to readers.

Critical Thinking:

Writing essays encourages critical thinking skills.  To create an intelligently organized essay in a logical style the writer needs to analyze all the information gathered from different sources, evaluate all evidence that support the argument, and come up with logical conclusions. All this process assists in a better understanding of the topic under consideration. When the writer writes systematically he can understand the topic with all its details.

Academic Assessment:

In schools, colleges, and even universities the students are assigned essay writing tasks to assess the extent of knowledge that they have gained during a certain period of time like a semester or a term. The writing and communication as well as understanding and comprehension skills of a student reflect in his writings, they serve as a gauge to measure the student’s way of thinking and perception about a topic.

Research Skills:

Essay writing often requires research to support claims and arguments. It helps students learn how to locate, evaluate, and incorporate relevant information from various sources, thus improving their research skills.

Knowledge Synthesis:

Essays require students to synthesize information from different sources into a coherent and cohesive piece.  This practice boosts their understanding of the topic of the essay and helps them see things from different angles before reaching any conclusion.

Boosts Command over Language:

Writing essays serves as a great tool for strengthening his command of the English language. The best essay writer becomes proficient in vocabulary, spelling, grammar, structure of sentences, and writing style. Writing essays develop your communication skills that are a must for success in both academic and professional life.

Creativity and Imagination:

Essays, especially in certain fields like literature or creative writing, offer a platform for creative expression. Writers can explore imaginative ideas, experiment with literary devices, and craft compelling narratives.

Persuasion and Advocacy:

Persuasive essays allow writers to present arguments and convince readers to adopt their viewpoint or take a particular action. This skill is valuable in fields like law, marketing, and public policy.

Personal growth:

Many people are introvert to the extent that they don’t know anything about themselves. When they write essays they get a chance to know their own way of thinking, their experiences and the effect of those experiences and even their emotions, as all these things reflect in the essay. Essay writing is an effective tool for self-awareness and personal growth.

Record of Knowledge:

writing essays is a great way to keep a record of all your knowledge and information about a particular topic. They contribute to the accumulation of human knowledge and understanding of various topics.

Professional Development:

In many professions, writing skills are crucial. Writing essays during education prepares individuals for future professional roles that involve clear communication, report writing, and presenting ideas to colleagues and clients.

Overall, essay writing is a versatile and valuable skill that benefits individuals academically, professionally, and personally, helping them become effective communicators, critical thinkers, and lifelong learners.

Parts Of An Essay

Essays serve as the best tool for sharing knowledge and communicating ideas. An essay is divided into three basic parts that are:-

  • Introduction
  • Body
  • And Conclusion.

Writing  An Introduction To An Essay

No essay in the whole academic world can start without a proper introductory paragraph in which a writer informs the reader about the topic he is going to write about. It is known as the introduction to the essay. In the introduction of an essay, the writer tells his readers about the background of the topic and why he selected it for writing an essay.

In many cases, an essay introduction consists of a thesis statement that is no longer than a sentence or two. It should be concise and clear and it should be mentioned in the ending sentence of the introduction.

The basic structure of the introduction may vary according to the topic of the essay, but one should try to write a general statement related to the topic and then start with writing specific things. It is a wise step to use some relevant definitions and contexts that may assist the reader understand the information shared in the essay. An introduction of an essay helps highlight the importance of writing the document.

How to write an essay introduction?

  • Begin your essay introduction by telling your reader about the topic you are going to write about.
  • To avoid going too vague you should use a keyword from the topic in your first line of introduction.
  • Provide a brief introduction to the key terms, texts, and theories you will be discussing throughout the content.
  • Tell your reader why the topic is important to write about. When the topic you are writing about will consist of special terminology, especially one that has double meanings, you should define that terminology in the introductory part of your essay.
  • You should mention the main purpose of writing the article and the basic issue you will be writing about and tell the readers how you will support it.
  • One more thing to do is to mention the hypothesis or the question you will be arguing in your content.

The Body Of An Essay

Try to frame this as a statement of your purpose. This is also known as a statement of purpose, thesis argument, or hypothesis.

The body is the most significant and detailed part of an essay, it presents the evidence and arguments that support the point. The body should include evidence, examples, or explanations that support the argument sentence. In addition, it should also include any counter-arguments, which are arguments against the thesis statement. Including counter-arguments makes the more balanced and credible. As it shows that the author considered different points of view and responded to opposing points of view.


Writing The Body Of My Essay

The purpose of the body of an essay is to provide information in detail and justify your stance about the argument with evidence.

  • Identify the main points that support and develop the main point of your article.
  • Note down your basic ideas and arrange them according to their priority.
  • In case your essay is longer than usual you might need to use subheadings to highlight the important sections of your essay.
  • Explain each new idea in a paragraph a few paragraphs.

If you don’t know how to structure the paragraphs of your essay try the following steps:-


  • Make a topic sentence that identifies the topic of the paragraph.
  • Give evidence or examples that expand and explain the topic.
  • End each paragraph with some words that informs the reader how the content of your paragraph offers support to the key point of the essay.



The last yet vital part of an essay is its conclusion. It is important because the writer has to summarize the whole content of the article in this last part. One mistake that most of the new students make in essay writing is the introduction of new ideas. When you write a conclusion you cannot introduce anything new and the main purpose of the conclusion is to revise the most important part of the content but in a different style.

The ending to an essay should be written in a clear and concise manner giving a logical end to the essay.

The body of the essay presents the evidence and arguments that support the point, and it should be organize into paragraphs. Finally, the conclusion summarizes the main points and arguments reaffirms the thesis, and ends the essay with a final thought or call to action. By understanding the purpose, structure, and importance of these three main sections, the best writers can effectively communicate their ideas and arguments clearly and coherently.

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