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Machine Embroidery Digitizing – All You Should Know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by Alma Bartram
Embroidery DIgitizing

Machine Embroidery Digitizing! A process in which you have to convert text or artwork into a digital file that will be stitched out by the embroidery machine. The process needs specific software along with the expertise and proper equipment to develop the designs which will be of best quality and stitch-friendly. In the following guide, we are going to talk about the things involved in it, steps, and tips that you must know to make quality designs:

Things Involved In Machine Embroidery Digitizing

Now, we will be looking at the two important things in the process that you must know are as follows:

Digitizing Software:

It is a very special software that is necessary for creating the digital file which is going to be stitched out with the help of embroidery machine. For your information, there are different software programs available across the market that you can use. Some of the popular options are Embird, Wilcom, and much more.

Embroidery Machine:

Now, it’s time to talk about the hardware that is also part of the process. The design has to be stitched by the machine after it is digitzed. In the market, just like the software, you will see different companies and models for the embroidery machines. The selection should be made according to the budget and the needs.

Steps To Know In The Process

Now, let’s jump into the steps that complete the process are listed below:

1- Firstly, you will have to select the image or artwork that you are planning to digitized. It is crucial to pick the best quality artwork or image so that you get the best results in the final product.

2- Once you have finalized the artwork or image, you should start preparing it for digitizing. It will involve adjusting the size of artwork or image and ensure that proper file format is given to the machine for digitizing. You must know the embroidery machine specific formats are must to use. You can’t use the standard image formats. Considering, you need to convert image to PES or any other specific embroidery specific file format to proceed ahead in the task.

3- The next step in the process is called the importing of an image or artwork within the digitizing software. Note that, it will enable you to start the digitizing process.

4- Procedure of machine embroidery digitizing also needs the selection of stitch lengths, stitch types and various other settings that are necessary for creating the best-quality designs. Remember that, it is going to be a complex process that is must for expertise and proper attention to details.

5- After the step of digitizing is completed, you have to do the testing and it should be done on a scrap piece of fabric. It is very crucial to ensure that stitches should be placed correctly. Moreover, this is the point where you can easily identify all the issues that should be addressed before you are going to stitch out the final design.

6- Once testing and digitizing is completed and all the issues are fixed, now you are ready to deliver the file to the concerned customer. The customers can pay the charges and get the file. In addition, in the later process, the setting of the machine should be correct and the position of the design should be accurate too for the best quality results.

Tips To Know For The Best Quality Designs

Below are some of the tips that you should know when you want to get the best quality designs, don’t ignore them:

1- The quality of the artwork or image should be the best as it will be directly impacting the final digitized design. Once you will be using the best quality images or artwork, you will get the end product clear and crisp.

2- Don’t forget to pay attention to the underlay stitching as it will assist you to stabilize the fabric and develop a smooth surface for the top stitches. Selecting the correct type of underlay stitching is essential to get the desired effect and to ensure that the top layer of stitches appear even and smooth.

3- Use of the right needle and thread is also essential in the process of machine embroidery digitizing. In the market, you will come across different types of design and fabric which will need different needles and threads. For instance, if using the metallic thread, you will need a different needle and consider the tension factor in comparison to the thread.

4- Fabric consideration can’t be ignored as well as it has an impact on the design. Few of the fabrics that might be used are difficult to embroider. Therefore, selection of fabric should be wise and the color along with the texture should be selected as per the stitch types and colors of threads.

5- Proper expertise is needed for machine embroidery digitizing and experience can only be achieved by practice. Time is essential for developing skills and must to develop best-quality design. Practicing on scrap pieces of fabric and design testing assist in refining the skills and improving designs’ quality.

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