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How to maintain muscle mass While losing weight

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If you’re trying to shed some weight, you’re likely trying to shed body fat. When people decide on goals for their health and weight loss goals and goals, they could think about shedding the fat while revealing the an abundance of lean muscle beneath. It turns out that losing weight is more complex than that, particularly in the case of having a lot of weight to shed.

“Any loss of weight, you’ll lose around a quarter to one third of your body mass, which means it’s not possible to get around losing musclesin the process),” stated Eduardo Grunvald, MD, director of the program at the UC San Diego weight Management Program. However, there are methods to help you keep and keep building muscles that are lean, even as you shed weight.

What to Eat

Protein is the main building element of muscle that aids in building and repairing tissues, which is why it’s crucial to consume enough protein to build muscles. What is the right amount? Jim White, RD, ACSM and the owner Jim White Fitness and Nutrition Studios, owner of Jim White Fitness and Nutrition Studios suggests 1.2 up to 1.8 grams of protein per kilogram body weight to increase muscles. If the weight of your body is around 180 pounds this is about 81.6 kilograms. This implies that you should aim for between 98 and 147 grams of protein per day. In order to maintain your muscle mass when you lose weight Dr. Grunvald suggested that the amount could be lower around 15% of your total daily calories must be derived from protein.

The Dr. Grunvald said to make sure that the protein comes from the most nutritious sources including poultry, fish, beans and soy, instead of sausages, steaks, or bacon. In reality, Jim suggests eating clean which means that there should be no (or at least very little) processed foods as well as added sugars or alcohol.

While the majority of people focus on eating protein in order to keep muscle mass in check, Jim suggests also eating moderate amounts of carbohydrates to boost energy levels and help you fuel your workouts. 40%-45% of daily calories.

How to Workout

The most popular type of exercise for those who are looking to lose weight however strengthening is essential to maintain and building muscle. Jim advised that you exercise weights every two to three days of the week to increase the muscle mass. To lose weight Jim suggested shooting 300 minutes of exercise during a week.

Making sure you strike the right equilibrium between fitness and cardio in your workout routine won’t just aid in losing weight however, it will also allow you to keep and even increase the size of your muscles.

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