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How To Lose Arm Fat Without Weights?

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Lose Arm Fat

We’re sure every woman wants well-sculpted as well-toned and toned arms. Being flabby and loose in your arms could make one feel uncomfortable as well as while doing so, appear more bulky in comparison to your actual weight. However, we have some awesome exercises for those of you who want to reduce those fats on your arms at home with ease. We will share 6 easy exercises that can be done without weights but will give you a an energised and slim arms in only a few days.


Arm Circle

This is among the most common exercises for the arm that if done correctly will result in the perfect arms. Doing the exercise on a regular schedule will help improve the flexibility of your shoulders as well as strengthening your arms and upper arm muscles. Additionally, we want to point out that this exercise is a great exercise to do at any time and even while watching television. It is possible to do the exercise at your own preferences, standing, or even while sitting.

Sit comfortably on the ground or on a mat. Spread your arms outwards. Make sure they’re straight and perfectly aligned with the ground. Begin to rotate your arms around in tiny circles. Make sure to do this in both a clockwise and anti-clockwise directions. Repeat for about 20 minutes in each direction.


Arm Flapping

This is a fun exercise to lose arm fat extremely quickly. To do this, all you need to do is flail your arms in a similar way to birds. It aids in shaping your arms, and also releasing stress as well as tension off your shoulders, body and arms.

Place your feet on a floor or mat and extend your arms to the side. Then, bend your elbows, and begin flapping your arms as if you were birds. Keep moving your arms 20 minutes in a row.


Arm Pull Down Exercise

This workout is helpful in sculpting muscles in the arm and removing excess fat in the back of the upper part. It can be done using or without weight.

Begin by lifting your arms straight above your head. Lock your hands tightly. Then, you should pull your arms while keeping them in close proximity to your chest. As you lower the hands count to 5 before you release. Repeat the exercise for about 15 minutes to see better results.


Wall Push-Ups

It’s no secret that push-ups are excellent for strengthening our arms, but we aren’t all are proficient at doing push-ups. If you’re not comfortable with push-ups , you could choose to do wall push-ups. Wall push-ups can be and great for toning the arm muscles. They aid in toning shoulders, triceps, lats and Biceps.

The first step, as the title is you must sit in front of the wall. Make sure you at least a couple of feet of the wall. With your hands pointing upwards then place your palms on the wall in front you. Maintain the gap between your palms slightly larger that your shoulders. This is your starting position. Begin by taking a deep breath, then exhale. Then, push on the wall, until the elbows are bent. Your chin and chest must remain of the wall. Inhale, then return to your starting position. Do 3 sets of 10 repetitions.


Chair Dips

Chair dips are an better version of floor dips , and they are extremely effective. But, if you don’t have a strong chair, you can use the sofa, a bench or even a box. This exercise can help with strengthening shoulders and the triceps.

Begin by sitting down in a seat or bench while keeping your spine straight. Place your palms on the ground and hold your edge on the chair or bench. Then, you should support your body using your feet and palms, and then place your feet a several steps further. Then, lift your hips off the seat. Flex your elbow and lower the hips while you do it. Be sure your hips aren’t touching the ground below. Then, lift your hips, then return to your original position.


Half Cobra Push-Ups

This workout is great in getting rid of flabby arms in a the time frame of a

Place your feet on the floor and lie down while keeping your elbows straight but keep them near your body. Push yourself up into the half-cobra position. As you do this, raise your chest off the ground. However, your belly buttons should be in contact with the ground. As you push yourself up, make use of the arms, not your hips or torso. Prior to returning to your initial posture, you must hold it for at least two seconds.

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