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How To Achieve 10X Sales Boost with Aesthetically Appealing with Multiple Product Shoots?

by Alma Bartram

Globally, there are more than 2 million active Amazon merchants. That’s a lot of competition, and in one of the most competitive markets in the world, it might be difficult to stand out. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make a statement of Amazon listing images design. You simply need to understand how to stand out.

The images are a crucial part of any Amazon listing. Additionally, you must consider the context in which your product photos are viewed while optimizing them. Amazon product photographs not only appear on your main product page but also as thumbnails in search results.

So, it’s crucial to optimize photographs for higher sales because an Amazon listing’s image quality might make the difference between a click and a pass. Sellers should adhere to technical specifications while also maximizing image composition, appropriate lifestyle imagery, and originality to aesthetically enhance listings.

With that in mind, here’s your cheat sheet to ace amazon listing and observe 10X sales with attractive images.

But first, let’s have a look at…

General Requirement for Amazon’s Image: A Complete List

  • The product that is for sale must be appropriately portrayed in the images.
  • JPEG (.jpg or.jpeg), TIFF (.tif), PNG (.png), or GIF (.gif) file formats are required for images. JPEG is advised. Animated GIFs are not supported by their servers.
  • Amazon listing design images cannot be sexually explicit or contain nudity. Children’s and infant swimwear, leotards, and undergarments are not permitted to be displayed on models.
  • The product must occupy a minimum of 85% of the image.
  • Files must be at least 1600 pixels on their longest side in order to provide the best zoom experience for detail pages. It has been demonstrated that Zoom can boost sales. If you are unable to do so, the smallest file size allowed for zoom is 1000 pixels, and the smallest file size allowed for the site is 500 pixels.
  • Any badges used on Amazon, or any alterations, modifications, or anything confusingly similar to such badges, must not be present in the image. This includes “Amazon’s Choice,” “Premium Choice,” “Amazon Alexa,” “Works with Amazon Alexa,” and “Best seller” or “Top seller,” without being limited to any of those terms. For additional information, see the policies on using trademarks. The longest side of images cannot be more than 10,000 pixels.
  • The product title and the images must match.
  • Images must not be pixelated, fuzzy, or have sharp edges.
  • Images must not contain any of Amazon’s trademarks or logos, or any alterations, modifications, or anything that might be mistaken for one of them. The keywords AMAZON, PRIME, ALEXA, and the Amazon Smile logo are among those that fall under this umbrella, although they are not the only ones.

Incorporate Multiple Product Shoots

Multiple shots allow your clients to see your product from various perspectives and in relation to other items as they are unable to physically inspect it. On your product page, Amazon enables up to six photos. Use all of them if you can.

Consider your alternative photos as the deal-closer if your product’s main image is what draws potential customers to it. These are good locations for:

  • Include close-ups of little features, such as stitching and zippers.
  • By include other things in the photo, you may demonstrate the product’s relative size.
  • Include text in infographics that explains unique features or information.
  • Take images of the variations of the goods you’re offering, such as different colors, and mark them correctly so that customers can see them.

Don’t Forget to Use Offer Amazon listing design Images

On your product pages, you may also include a “Offer Level” or “Listing Photo” if you’re selling pre-owned or refurbished goods. Customers can better distinguish your offer thanks to the graphic that appears on Amazon’s offer listing page.

Access your Amazon Common Template to add your image. Map the fields labeled “Main Offer Image” and “Offer Images.”

Editing Of Images

You’ll need to modify your photos in order to comply with Amazon’s image standards in addition to taking good ones. Cropping out unwanted things, altering the color, compressing the file size, and other editing techniques are examples.

It’s preferable to employ someone if you’re uncomfortable with any step of the editing process. Before posting, make sure the finished images adhere to your requirements.

Take Into Account the Entire Frame

It’s simple to get caught up with the main topic of your photo and overlook the rest of the scene. But it’s crucial to pay close attention to the corners and borders of your Amazon listing design images. While trying to fill the frame, keep the focus of your photograph intact.

Barron advises making sure the product occupies as much area as feasible. Many people’s photos will contain too much white space, which makes their products appear small in search results. To make it simpler to be seen, you want your product to be as large as feasible.

Images of A Lifestyle Brand for Aspirational Branding

Even more helpful is proper lifestyle imagery. Excellent lifestyle photographs assist the customer visualize utilizing the product in their own home or place of business. If you post lifestyle pictures:

  • DO display the contents of the product package.
  • DON’T forget to include photographs of the product in action. As much as you can, show a genuine human engaging with or utilizing the product. If it’s a personal object, like clothing, then this is crucial.
  • DO make the consumer aware of the benefits of the product in actuality.
  • If the background is appropriate for the product and in context, feel free to utilize a variety of backgrounds with lifestyle photos. For instance, a Seller might not want a mechanic repairing a car battery while the background is a sandy beach.
  • Put your photographs in the right order.
  • You can choose which photos appear in what order on your product page in addition to including numerous images.
  • Your images ought to have a narrative. Start with the characteristics that your customers would most frequently wish to see before moving on to further specifics. Show customers how your items are used to provide context and make them more relatable.

Wrap Up

General understanding of numerous things is necessary while operating an eCommerce business on Amazon. To close the gap, you’ll probably want to consult an expert. So, if you want your products to stand out, get in touch with Amazon listing design images services today.

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