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Feeling Drunk From Mouthwash – What To Know

Feeling Drunk From Mouthwash – What To Know

by Alma Bartram

Alcohol addicts can’t resist their craving for alcohol and will find any way to quench their thirst. They will seek out alternatives to alcohol if they can’t afford an alcoholic drink. Mouthwash is one such liquid that has been a great alternative to alcoholics.

Although mouthwash is not a good alternative to alcohol, it can lead to intoxication as well as side effects.  Does mouthwash make you drunk? It is better to seek the help of the Detox to Rehab group than trying to answer this question. This group assists those suffering from addiction to find the right way.

Why mouthwash?

Here are some reasons that alcoholics will drink mouthwash.

  • When someone drinks mouthwash or attends any social event, it is less noticeable.
  • Lower costs
  • There are no age restrictions for purchasing it

There are many restrictions when purchasing alcohol. You must be at least 21 years old to purchase it. Many people can’t afford to buy alcohol because they are more expensive than mouthwash. Finally, those who abuse alcohol need not worry about whether alcohol is legalized in their states.

Who prefers mouthwash?

One group of alcoholics prefers to use mouthwash over alcohol. These are teenagers and those who are affected by alcoholism.

The research team examined the medical records of alcoholics admitted to hospitals and found that most of them were suffering from side effects of mouthwash.

Drinking mouthwash can lead to side effects like blindness, multiple organ failure, liver failure, poisoning, death in extreme situations, and gastrointestinal damage.

People who cannot find alcohol in their home will seek out alternatives to provide some relief. It is important to get someone to the detox center immediately if you see them in this situation.

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