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Different Documents that Need Healthcare Translation

by Alma Bartram
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Healthcare is a widespread industry that covers all the clinical and medical requirements of patients and customers. A healthcare facility works in collaboration with equipment suppliers, insurance companies, healthcare providers, and pharmacies to ensure quality service for patients. However, this ecosystem has to deal with patients who speak different languages or belong to different cultures. This blog delves into the various types of medical documents and the importance of translators to streamline operations. 

Importance of Medical Translation Services

There are several reasons why medical translation is crucial and why a professional translator should perform it.

Medical translations play a significant role in empowering the healthcare sector. From ensuring that doctors can communicate treatment plans effectively to supporting patients as they learn about their prescriptions, healthcare translation services are bridging the gap in the entire medical sector. 

Healthcare is a sensitive field and there is no room for even minor mistakes in documentation and translation. The risk associated with medical translation can vary from improper medical treatment to severe issues or even death. However, the stakes for medical translation are high when compared with other types of translations. 

Medical translation is the ultimate solution for communicating correct and accurate information between patients and healthcare workers. Also, the prime purpose of medical translations is to ensure effective communication and build a deep understanding between all the involved parties. Localization of products and services is the ideal solution to better understand cultural differences and varying terminologies.

A hospital is a place that is often visited by foreigners, international patients, and healthcare workers belonging to different countries. Professional translation services can empower hospitals and medical institutes to serve all patients without compromising the quality and integrity of the medical facility. Furthermore, these services allow medical institutes to maintain a credible reputation on a global scale.

Different Types of Medical Documents that Need Translations

Here are some of the important types of medical documents that require professional translations.

Patient Forms and Documents

Before any medical practice, patients have to sign and fill out several forms including billing statements, privacy policies, and documents that authorize the facility to start treatment. The sensitivity of these documents highlights the crucial demand for medical document translation. It can streamline communication and improve understanding between both parties. The same goes for terminologies and other aspects of writing to be translated into other languages. Apart from translation, localization is another crucial factor that holds significant value in overcoming communication barriers on a broader scale. 

Clinical Trial Documentation

Clinical trial documentation covers a wide range of documents including subject records, financial data, clinical protocols, ICF, CRF, and other regulatory measures. The fulfillment of these documents ensures that the trial is conducted fairly and ethically.  

Clinical trial documentation further includes:

  • Clinical Study Report (CSR)
  • Investigator’s Brochure
  • Institutional Review Board Approval Document
  • Insurance Statement
  • Agreement Between Parties
  • IRB Composition

There is a constant need for translation of these documents because of the rapidly evolving clinical practices. Clinical document translation demands ample knowledge of medical technicalities and expert-level linguistic proficiency. Similarly, companies cannot afford mistakes in clinical trial translation as they can drastically impact their credibility. Experts always suggest choosing a professional translation company for your clinical trial documentation. Always prefer those translators who have proven experience in the medical and linguistic field and an understanding of international standards and laws. 


The patient information leaflet is a label that pharma companies impose on every medicine we buy from a pharmacy. PIL tells consumers about the side effects, dosage, and conditions identifying its consumption. Moreover, a medical and healthcare translator must pay special attention to the country’s regulations and quantities.

Medical History Record

A medical history record includes notes and observations by medical professionals along with a summary of the patient’s medical history. Also, The medical and healthcare translator must always be careful not to misinterpret any part of the record.

Operative Report

Another important document that often needs translation is the operative report. It is a piece of document that details the actions taken and the results of an operation or surgery. It serves as the formal record of what happened in the operation room. 

The report specifies the patient’s need for treatment, details each step of the surgery, and shows the results of the operation. Moreover, it is the primary document to support claims for payment to the surgeon, surgical team, and facility. Medical auditors verify the operative report to confirm that the supporting paperwork matches every code listed on the claim.

Wrapping Up

To deliver exceptional results, a translator must be familiar with a wide range of medical documents as they are likely to come across many other types as well. Although translation services are being adopted by almost every industry to break down communication barriers, the healthcare sector requires specific attention to detail. It is highly recommended to evaluate the experience of translation service providers in this specific niche for exceptional service because a minor translation error can badly affect the healthcare ecosystem. Professional and well-reputed agencies can take the hassle out of the entire translation process.

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