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Cotton aka Carded Open-End aka COE For Best T Shirt Men And Women Avaiable

Cotton aka Carded Open-End aka COE For Best T Shirt Men And Women Avaiable

by Alma Bartram

A t-shirt that boasts “100% cotton” is synonymous with carded open-end cotton, also known as COE, as the header says. Just so you know, ”

Best T Shirt

cotton” on the tag inside of your garment might refer to any type of cotton. However, when you’re browsing at our catalog of clothing or the specifics of t-shirt products elsewhere,

100% cotton = COE. (It will specify if the cotton was of a better quality than those below.) Cotton aka Carded Open-End aka COE For Best T Shirt Men And Women Avaiable 

Carded open-end refers to the industrial procedure used to take raw cotton and spin it into the yarn that is subsequently used to manufacture t-shirt fabric, not the cotton itself. vlone

Before the yarn can be spun, the raw cotton fluff is brushed into erect bundles during the carding stage of the process. As

Carding still leaves behind little fibers and only performs a fair job of aligning and straightening all the fibres, as you’ll read more about in a moment. As a result, the t-shirt feels a little bit rougher than those of greater quality, and even the ink we print on top of it feels rougher.


Regarding the “open-end” component, it denotes the use of open-end spinning, also known as rotor spinning, to produce the yarn. In the 1960s and 1970s,

this technique for spinning yarn was created and put into use as a considerably speedier substitute for traditional spinning techniques. And is known as an “open-end” technique because it uses a spinning rotor to twist and draw out

the yarn rather than a spindle. It has been likened to pulling cotton out of a dryer that has been filled with spinning yarn. This, too, Cotton aka Carded Open-End aka COE For Best T Shirt Men And Women Avaiable 

only performs a fair job of aligning and twisting the fibers, and it can only be used to make thicker skeins (see yarn count for additional information on this).

When COE cotton is the best t-shirt material to go with

Why would you ever want carded open-end cotton, you ask? So, it’s affordable!

More tiny cotton fibers are left in after carding, increasing the makers’ ultimate yield. Open-end spinning is also 7 times quicker than the next most popular technique.

\Simply choosing a more affordable alternative lets you obtain more for your money, with no advantages in terms of durability or softness.

The COE t-shirts are ideal for 5k races, amusing presents, and other occasions where choosing the least expensive alternative is crucial.


The Ultra Cotton Tee by Gildan and the Authentic Tee by

Hanes are two brands of t-shirts that are produced entirely of COE cotton. Therefore,

it comes as no surprise that both are among the absolute

As a result, after reading the previous part, you may have heard of ring-spun cotton and may even know why it is named that.

Cotton that is made into yarn using the more conventional technique

of pulling out cotton bundles and firmly twisting them around a spindle is known as “ring-spun cotton.”

When compared to COE, this spinning technique performs a better job of aligning and tying the fibers together,

producing a fabric for t-shirts that is notably softer and smoother.

Ring spinning can create finer yarns than open-end spinning can, and thinner yarns result in a tighter fabric weave, which makes t-shirts that are softer and smoother. Additionally,

this makes the print on the t-shirt softer, smoother, and more consistent in addition to improving how the t-shirt feels against your skin.

When ring-spun cotton is the best t-shirt material to go with

In terms of softness and price, ring-spun cotton is a step above COE. In comparison to open-end spinning, the ring spinning process takes longer and involves a few extra processes. But the cost only goes up a little bit as a result.

Because of this, I continue to frequently suggest ring-spun cotton t-shirts to anyone searching for a fairly affordable choice. I believe that the increased softness more than offsets the little cost increase. This is certainly your best option if you’re searching for something affordable that people will still want to wear.

The Softstyle T-Shirt by Gildan and the Beefy-T by Hanes are two designs of t-shirts made of ring-spun cotton. Both remain quite affordable choices, only a little more so.

Combed and ring-spun cotton

The “ring-spun” component has already been covered. This doesn’t alter any of it. Combed cotton differs from carded cotton in

that it is further brushed and physically combed to better align and straighten

the cotton fibers and remove some of the shorter fibers that would typically poke out of the yarn.

The individual fibers are longer, more uniform, and more securely linked as you might expect, making the t-shirt fabric smoother and softer

than it would have been if the yarn had just been carded. However, it also significantly raises the price since more raw cotton is wasted, lowering the yield, in addition to adding a stage to the production process.

Just to clear up any confusion, ring-spun cotton isn’t always combed; you’ll only ever see it in combination with combed cotton. It will express this if it is both combed and ring-spun.



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