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A Beginner’s Guide: How to Use a Sex Doll – Adultscare

by Alma Bartram

You should be pleased if you recently bought a sex doll. You’ve made a wise purchase. A sex doll can bring company, sexual fulfilment, and perhaps some exciting spice to your relationships. Your job, your car, your appearance, or the contents of your wallet don’t matter to a sex doll. They never judge you for your dreams or hangups since they are always up for having fun. Many individuals are simply unaware of what a sex doll is.

The most crucial item is now following. This is a substantial expenditure. To purchase your doll, you might have even incurred debt. We want to make sure that your investment is well spent. We’ve put up this ‘user’s guide’ to assist you. In this article, we’ll go over all you need to know about having sex with a sex doll, how to care for it, and how to enjoy your new relationship to the fullest.

But first things first! If you haven’t bought a sex doll yet, look at our buyer’s guide. You can choose the ideal companion using the information it contains. You’re already halfway there if you select the perfect doll for your way of life and preferences.

Unboxing & Assembling Your Sex Doll

Finally, the big day has here! You have researched, located the top online retailer of sex dolls (wink wink), and discovered the beauty of your dreams a few weeks ago. The girl you’ve been picturing in your dreams has finally shown up. You followed her journey from our manufacturing facility to the shipping facility worldwide, and now she is at your front door.

When you see the box on your porch, you find it difficult to control your excitement. As you sign for the parcel, you hardly know the delivery person and notice a tremble in your palm. Your entire attention is focused on the package and what is contained inside. But wait cowboy, hold your horses! Before you bed your new sweetheart, there is one more critical step that you must take care to unbox and put together correctly.

Step 1: Move the package carefully to an area with much floor space in your house.

Place the container in a location with adequate room for the sex doll to be opened and laid down. To prevent stains or scratches on the doll’s skin, ensure the area where the doll is put is clean, or cover the floor with a clean towel.

Our lifelike sex dolls weigh somewhere between 8 kg and 40 kg. The box gets heavier the more significant the doll you get. So you’d best plan how to get it off the porch, like getting a friend to help or paying the delivery guy. Mini or lightweight sex dolls won’t cause any issues.

Step 2: Using a boxcutter, knife, etc., cut the package open along the seams.

Cut the tape along the top borders of the box once you’ve set the package down on the floor of the room of your choice to reveal her. To avoid cutting your new favourite sex partner, take care not to plunge the knife too deeply. The box will unfold similarly to a coffin when the packing tape is cut along the seams. Please don’t cut too deeply with a cutting instrument when handling your favourite sex toy online doll since you never want to see the doll you fell in love with at first sight being harmed by you. Your favourite sex doll has durable packing to endure high temperatures and humidity.

Step 3: Handwashing! 

You don’t want to smear or leave marks on your new sex doll’s flawless skin with your unclean hands now that she’s ready to be removed from her box! Before you contact the sex doll, give your gloves a good wash.

Step 4: Unpack your new sex doll’s head. 

Your new sex doll’s head, a soccer ball-sized spherical of packing foam, will be perched on the upper thighs of the doll. Take the head of the bag and carefully unwrap the foam. Please notice the sex doll’s head on top of the pack lying next to the box on the floor. Once you’ve removed the body, you’ll come back to it.

Advice: When not in use, keep the bag to store the head.

Step 5: Take out any additional boxed accessories.

Accessories like clothing, a closet sex doll storage system, and cleaning supplies are frequently included in the bundle. All these items should be removed from the box and put aside. After completing this step, the doll’s body and the blanket she is lying on should be the only items still in the box.

Step 6: Attach the new sex doll’s head and put on a wig.

The sex doll you purchase will arrive with random underwear, but you can also buy accessories to dress up your doll. Teenage clothes are a beautiful and portable option for tiny sex dolls.

The sex doll is prepared to satisfy your desires. You have full access to the sex doll at this point. We offer advice on how to have better sex with your sex doll in this section.

  1. What are some realistic sex doll tips?

Awesome! The purpose of sex dolls is to make people happy and companionable. Pose your doll in a way that makes you feel the most arousing—doggie style, missionary, girls on top, against the wall—before piercing her and treating your doll lovingly.

Here are two tips for getting the most out of sex love:

  • Using a condom is more hygienic and easier to clean up.
  • It can safeguard the delicate skin on your sex doll and penis. Otherwise, using antibacterial soap for the entire cleaning process is crucial.
  • The alternative method is to use a lubricant.
  • Sex dolls are incredibly lifelike, thanks to TPE and silicone materials. However, to protect your skin and keep sex dolls from harm, we advise using water-soluble lubricants.
  • In conclusion, antibacterial soap preparation is required. You could also need additional cleaning supplies, such vaginal douche and reviving powder.

It is best to clean the entire vagina each time you have sex with her, condom or no condom. Maintaining her cleanliness is both your responsibility and beneficial to you.

  1. How to have oral sex with a realistic sex doll?

Yes, her lips appear lovely, but you can also engage in kissing or oral sex. A man’s dream is always continuous oral sex. You can have constant oral sex with a sex doll that a real lady has never experienced. Although she has a deep throat, you must never be concerned about going too far and triggering painful reactions.

We promise that applying water-soluble lubrication to the penis will make you feel fantastic and joyful.

  1. How can a life-size sex doll and you have anal sex?

Some of us are always interested in anal sex and would like to try it if given the chance. Finding a girl who will have anal sex with a man is complicated, which is the problem. This is your chance right now! Both our male and female dolls are built with anal functionality. Put it wherever you like; your doll wants to have fun with you. Do not forget to use some water-soluble lubricants as well.

Aftercare using a sex doll

  • Cleaning and maintaining your doll is crucial if you want her to be with you for a long time. Every time you use your sex doll, it’s necessary to clean her.
  • To clean and utilize a vaginal douche, antibacterial soap is required. The irrigator (which we give out) should be filled with soapy water before being inserted into the hole you just made. Impurities can be flushed away by squeezing the flusher. Be patient, and don’t be lazy; cleaning her up only takes a few minutes.
  • It needs to be preserved appropriately after cleaning. Please be assured that she is dry before storage. There is no ideal way of storage; only the one that works for you.

Kind tip: Please wait to place her on the hard floor. Place a pillow or other soft object on the floor before putting her on it. Of course, having her box or bed will be ideal. Make sure her back does not become flat or distorted, as this will prevent it from recovering.

If there is enough room in your closet, hang her there. Oh yes!! Her body was like a hook around her neck. And require a head holder. We provide hooks and head frames for sale to make storing dolls easier.

With your sex doll, you have more options.

She is a terrific listener and hears about all the stresses and difficulties in her life and at work and any secrets she cannot share with others. She may be unable to console you with encouraging words, yet she will never leave your side. She can relax you by giving you a friendly embrace and kiss.

She is more than just a sex doll; she can also be your “girlfriend”; you may enjoy a candlelit evening while decompressing with a glass of wine and a satisfying meal.

She can be your “art”; dressing her up and making yourself attractive can inspire particular fashion designers more.

It’s fantastic to have a real-life sex doll. She will never object to any demands you make. The sex doll may require time to clean, maintain, and care for, but she is worth it.

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